《i wAnt roBot》作文


my robot my robot is a automatic machine that can move by itself. it is a good assistance that always help me with my housework. Moreover, when i was not in a mood, it played a role as my friend that always be there listen. i really love my robot.

my robot at new year's eve my aunt got me that robot, a monkey robot, almost lifelike. the first few days we got along just fine. i put three batteries into the device and made it roam about the floor. i moved on my knees to follow the pace of my ,though

my ideal robot my ideal robot,has doll-like eyes,very pretty!and she can understand me completely,she knows hobbies ,my character ,and she only a friend,just me! she can laugh, and likes play games with me.she also very obliging.

the robot i wantthe robot i want is like a beautiful and lovely rabbit because i like rabbits.but it will walk like a human being.if i want to listen to music,it will turn on like a radio.if i feel lonely,it will chat with me.my robot will be like a friend .he will never be

My dream robot is one that has multiple functions. It would be wonderful if I could wake up everyday, and after brushing my teeth, that my dining table would have a delicious meal cooked up for me by my robot. Also, why not have a function that allows

The robot I want is like a beautiful and lovely rabbit because I like rabbits. But it will walk like a human being. If I want to listen to music,it will turn on like a radio. If I feel lonely, it will chat with me. My robot will be like a friend . He will never be angry with

My Robot Last night, I had a beautiful dream.I was very excited that a robot came into my home . I called her Pink because she was wearing a pink dress. She did all my jobs around the house . She cleaned my house ,mopped the floors , made my

Hello every body I am amy . I want to desige a model robot so called POSSILE. You know that , for the present more and more people such as my grandparents , due to my parents are busy with their own work and i have no enough time to look after

1.in my daily life,there are a lot i can do to help the disabled.first of all,i think we should respect them,which is what they really wanted.secondly,it is important for us to give them a hand when they in need of us.2.i want to design a robot which can help


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