Any othEr造句

any other 英[eni (r] 美[ni r] [词典] 其他的; [网络] 任何其他的; 其它的; 别的; [例句]We have no quarrel with the people of Spain or of any other country.我们和西班牙以及其他国家的人民并无分歧.

that's more than any other country. 这一数额超过其他任何国家.like any other relationship, it takes work on both sides to make mentoringwork. 其实,与其他关系一样,要想使导师制发挥作用,需要双方共同努力 not that any other tablets are

Tom is stronger than any other student in the class. 汤姆比班上任何其他的学生都要强壮 He's cleverer than any ohter body else. 他比任何其他人更聪明.He works more diligent than any other person 他比其它任何人都要勤奋 Kate is more beautiful than any other girl here. 凯特比这儿任何其他女生都漂亮.Jack is taller than any other student in the class. 杰克比班上其他任何一个学生都要高.

Tom is taller than any other student.Tim is better than the other students in my class.我是好人 叫我雷锋 锦旗不用 采纳就好 阿里嘎都口则以骂死

any other 表示其他之中的任意一个 the other 表示两者之间的另外一个 You look just like any other girl in the school.你长得就像学校里的其他任何一个女孩.比如桌上有两本书 Which one is your book? Is it the red one? No, it's the other one.

The giraffe is taller than any other animal.希望能帮到你如有疑问,可追问~

可用“比较级 + than + any other + 单数名词”来表示 最高级.He works harder than any other student. 她学习最用功.望采纳! 精锐长宁天山


He is taller than any other boys in the class.

There is no such a miraculous structure in any other plantes.


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