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for him 中文歌词 For Him. - Troye Sivan&Allday We are runnin' so fast 我们狂奔向前 And we never look back 从不回望过去 And whatever I lack you make up 我破败不全你修残补缺 We make a really good team 我们如此天造地设 And though not

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歌曲名:A River For Him歌手:EMMYLOU HARRIS专辑:Portraits(emmylou harris)I crossed on the riverTherel be no returningI crossed all the bridgesI watched them all burningAnd now I a strangerTo a strange land I drivenWhere all is 采纳吧

歌曲名:pray for him歌手:Billy Gilman专辑:everything and moreBilly Gilman - Pray for HimKnocked on his door last nightHe should have been thereI waited till 6pmLord I'm worrying againSaid he messed up something real badWhatever it is I'll

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For him.[Verse 1: Troye Sivan]We are runnin' so fastAnd we never look backAnd whatever I lack, you make up We make a really good teamAnd though not everyone seesWe got this crazy chemistryBetween us [Verse 2: Troye Sivan]Jump starting

We are runnin' so fast行色匆匆And we never look back从不回望And whatever I lack, you make up我所有的缺憾,都有你补充We make a really good team你我合作得紧密无缺And though not everyone sees世人虽未都见得We got this crazy


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