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My favorite animal is dog. Dogs are clever and loyal animals. They are very useful to human being. Firstly, they can be trained as guard dog to look after our house. Besides, police dogs and army dogs are also contributing a lot in fighting against

兔子 My favourite animal is rabbit. lt has long ears and red eyes.And its hairy (毛发)is white. lt likes jumping and running .lt likes eating vegetables and carrots ,too.l often play with it happily. Sometimes ,when l go out ,it foiiows me .lt is lovely .l like it very much .

My Favourite Animal I have a dog. It is my favourite animal. His name is Beibei. His name and my name are the same. I like Beibei very much. He is only one year old now. He is very small. He is black and white. And he has one sister. She is yellow

My Favorite Animal Last year, my father bought a lovely pet for me. She has four white paws and a white and short tail. She has two long and big ears, two red eyes and eight whiskers on her face. Her name is Sally and she is one year old. Do you

My favorite animal dog My favorite animal is dog.The reason lies in many aspects. First of all,dogs are very friendly to our human being.We can often see dogs waving their

My favourite animal is panda. Because they are very lovely and clever. Sometimes they are shy.Pandas are white and black,they like bamboo. I like panda very much. 以上是我自己写的.应该算比较标准的没有语法错误的5句话了.

My favorite animal is Dog. Dog is very cute. It is very famous animal. They looks like Fox. Dog has a short tail and small legs. Dog can run very fast. But I can not have dog in my house because my parents doesn't like dog. However, I want Buy a dog very much!

My favorite animal Everyone has his own animal. So do you want to know mine? Well, I like koalas best. Because they are so cute and they always make me happy. They have been welcomed by more and more people and they are well-known animals in Australia . All people in australia like them.So that`s all. How about you?

My favourite animal--cat I like many animals, but cats are my favorite. Cats are cute and beautiful. They have big eyes and small ears. They like eating meat and fish. And they like playing with balls. Cats are our friends. They can help us catch mice.

my favourite animal is the panda,is our"national treasure",bacause pandas nive,lovable and lively, it was very likr it. panda is an ancient animal, is a zoologist called "living fossile " long ago there were many pandas in china, panda bamoo


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