my FAvouritE sEAson

My favorite season My favourite season is winter.Because it's snowy,I can make snowman,go skiing,and go skating.Make snowman with my friends is very interesting,and it'

My favorite season is summer .because I can go to the beach to swimming.I can have sunbath on the beach. I can go to the store to buy some ice creans! I can calling my friends go to outside!Summer is a fun season !I like summer very much!

My favourite season 1 What's my favourite season? Let me tell you.My favourite season is spring. Spring is a lovely season, I think. There is a garden behind my house. In spring, the trees become green and the flowers give off fragrance(芳香).

My favourite season There are four seasons in one year: spring, summer, autumn, winter. In the four seasons, my favorite season is: autumn. The leaves turn yellow, floating down, want to tell people autumn is coming. Autumn gives a person a kind

my favourite season is autumn. it is a harvest season. farmers are all busy getting in the crops. there are lots of different fruits in the season, such as apples, oranges, bananas and so on. the mid-autumn festival is the chinese traditional festival in

My favourite seasonMy favourite season is summer.In the summer wocan do a lot of water sports such as swimming sailing and so on It' very coolI like swimming best,it's cool and comfortable,I can paly the ball with my friedns in the waterSometimes I

My Favourite Season Autumn is my favourite season. I like it because autumn is so beautiful. In the autumn, the weather is cool. There are lots of good things, fruits, crops, vegetables …and so on. Autumn is a harvest season, a golden season. I like

there are four seasons in a year. but what's my favourite season? my favourite season is winter. in winter, i can make a snowman.i can skate on the ice. i can play with snowballs. and i can take beautiful pictures in the snow too. winter is fun! i love winter very much.

my favourite season is summer. i often wear my shorts and t-shirt. sometimes i wear my jeans. in summer it is often sunny and hot. sometimes rainy in summer. i usually swim with my father. sometimes i eat ice-cream at home 我最喜欢的季节是夏天.我还总是穿着短裤和t恤.有时我穿我的牛仔裤.在夏天经常阳光并且十分炎热.夏天有时会下雨.我经常跟我的父亲.有时我吃冰淇淋在家里.

下面是六篇,喜欢"春夏秋冬"的都有,你可以参照以下,尽量用自己的语言表达,想想在那个季节可以做的喜欢的事情.希望对你有帮助!一 My favourite season (春天) Hello, my dear friends! What's my favourite season? Let me tell you.


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